Computers cannot replace teachers

Computers cannot replace teachers

Computers serve people’s needs and their number is growing in different industries and spheres of human activities. However, many people are convinced that computers will never be able substitute teachers.

I wholly agree with the second opinion. Firstly, computers will not be able to cope with the psychological aspect of teaching. Only human beings can build an emotional connection with each other. It is extremely important in any learning process because teachers provide students with emotional support, inspire and motivate them.

Secondly, the quality of classes by computers will be very low. Computers will teach according to the programmes installed in them but lesson plans are changing constantly. Teachers have to change lesson plans on the go because different groups of students perceive new information at a different speed. In addition, individual classes differ greatly from each other.

On the other hand, some people argue that in the digital age computers can replace teachers because this replacement will save money for governments – computers do not need a salary.

I don’t agree with this statement. It is obvious that computers do not need a salary but IT specialists who maintain machines will cost even more for governments than teachers.

To conclude, I support the opinion that teachers cannot be replaced by computers because computers lack emotions and they are not able to react to many types of changing situations in the classroom. (231 words)

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