Volunteering is essential for teenagers

Volunteering is essential for teenagers

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EssayQ: Volunteering is essential for teenagers. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Version 1

Voluntary work is becoming widespread nowadays. Many people believe that doing this work is necessary for teenagers. Others think that becoming a volunteer can be a useful experience but it is not a necessity for them.

I totally agree with the first statement. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, volunteering in places such as an animal shelter or old people’s homes teaches teenagers empathy and kindness. They learn what practical actions to take in order to help others. Secondly, being a volunteer in environmental projects such as cleaning parks or planting trees makes teenagers responsible for the future of the planet. In addition, volunteer experience allows teenagers to begin to gain professional skills as early as possible, which is important for their future career.

However, some people argue that volunteering is not essential for teenagers because they have to spend a great deal of time on their studies. Consequently, they need to socialize or do a hobby in their spare time in order to regain their energy.

I disagree with the above opinion because volunteering is a team experience and it helps to socialize and make friends. In addition, it is not a regular job. Consequently, if a teenager decides to become a volunteer, they will have enough time to relax and do a hobby.

To conclude, I believe that volunteering is vital for teenagers because of educational, environmental and professional reasons.

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Version 2

Volunteering has become a controversial issue recently. Some people think that teenagers need to be involved in volunteering. Others believe that voluntary work does not play an essential role in teenagers’ life.

I entirely agree with the second opinion. It is obvious that education is vital for teenagers’ future and they have to devote a considerable amount of time to their studies. Firstly, it is necessary for them to attend extra classes after school in order to succeed in the exams. Secondly, they have to do a great deal of homework. As a result, teenagers are always too busy and lack time to do regular volunteer activities.

However, some people argue that teenagers need to do volunteer work in order to learn about helping the environment and working in a team.

Despite the fact that volunteering has positive benefits for teenagers, I do not agree with the above opinion. Schoolchildren learn how to help the environment at school. They have Natural history classes, excursions and cleaning the environment activities throughout a year. In addition, teenagers learn how to work in a team when they do science projects, play sports or computer games.

In conclusion, I believe that volunteering is not important for teenagers although it can be beneficial. It is crucial for them to spend time on taking extra classes and doing homework.

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