With the Internet we no longer need TV

With the Internet we no longer need TV

Потенциально неверным шагом в написании эссе на заданную тему является трансформация смысловой нагрузки темы и превращение письменной работы в рассуждение о преимуществах интернета. На экзамене за такой опус будет выставлено ноль баллов, потому что в сочинении требуется согласиться или не согласиться с мнением о необходимости телевидения в мире интернета. Следовательно, требуется обсудить, существуют ли такие группы людей, которые по-прежнему являются телезрителями или всё население планеты пользуется только интернетом и телевещание завершает свое существование.

Данная тема эссе предлагалась на экзамене ЕГЭ в 2019 году.

Версия сочинения ниже заслуживает самой высокой оценки.

Essay Q: With the Internet we no longer need TV. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

According to statistics, TV viewing has declined recently due to the rise of Internet usage. Some people are convinced that TV is not necessary in the digital world at all. Others think that TV is still an important service for many people nowadays.

I entirely agree with the second opinion. The main reason is that the Internet and TV have their own viewers. These two groups belong to different generations because traditionally older people prefer watching TV, whereas younger people’s preference is the Internet. In addition, TV is an important household gadget. When it is on in the kitchen, it makes cooking food more entertaining; when it is on in the living room, it brings the whole family together. Also, some TV viewers are loyal to certain programmes and the choice between watching TV and using the Internet depends on people’s interests and passions.

On the other hand, some people argue, that TV has totally lost its importance in the modern digital world. The reason is that the Internet offers a great deal more functions, services and entertainments. It is more appealing and has already won the popularity of TV.

I do not agree with this opinion. The modern TV industry is a modern technology too. It provides its viewers with a significant number of innovative functions.

To conclude, I agree with the opinion that the Internet cannot totally substitute TV because people have different preferences and interests and the role of television in the family life is still significant. (248 words)

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