England and Russia fans converge with Lille fearing ‘dark day’ at Euro 2016

England and Russia fans converge with Lille fearing ‘dark day’ at Euro 2016


Read the abridged article below and do the exercise.

It was announced on Tuesday that emergency measures had been designed to quell the prospect of violence between Russian and English football fans , with Russia in action on Wednesday and England on Thursday in nearby Lens.

In Lille a ban on alcohol sales from shops and supermarkets will run until 6am on Friday, and many bars will be required to close at midnight. The authorities hope that the ban on alcohol sales will stop bottles and cans being used as projectiles.

Earlier Russia was sanctioned by Uefa over events inside Marseille’s Stade Velodrome on Saturday, when their supporters charged at the England section after the match. Russia was also warned any further instances of hooliganism inside Euro 2016 stadiums would result in immediate disqualification.

The arrival an estimated 15,000 Russians in Lille before their match with Slovakia has brought tension. Thousands of England and Wales fans also began to arrive before their match in Lens.

Authorities belatedly advised England fans not to arrive until Thursday to avoid «crossing flows» with the Russians. The plea is likely to be far too late to stop thousands of British fans arriving.

In Lille , as an additional measure, plain clothes officers will assist stewards in keeping order inside the stadium for the Russia v Slovakia match. It is after the game that tensions are likely to be highest.

Exercise 1. Find the equivalents in the text to the phrases below. Check with the Answer Key.

  1. without uniform
  2. aggressive behavior
  3. to attack
  4. missiles
  5. come near
  6. with delay
  7. request, demand


  1. 1- plain clothes; 2- hooliganism ; 3- to charge ; 4- projectiles; 5- converge 6- belatedly 7- a plea



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