Top teenaged taxpayer contributed over $500k in tax during 2013/14 financial year

Top teenaged taxpayer contributed over $500k in tax during 2013/14 financial year

Краткое содержание. В австралийских газетах появилась  статистика о налогах, которые выплатили австралийские молодые люди - подростки до 18 лет- за  2013-2014 финансовый год.

Самый высокий налог на доход, выплаченный государству подростком, составил около 500 тысяч долларов. Еще 9 молодых австралийцев подросткового возраста  оплатили  налоги да доход  в размере свыше 100 тысяч долларов.

Обнародована также статистика о количестве  австралийцев в возрасте моложе 18 лет, которые имеют “a tax file number”. Таких в Австралии свыше миллиона, но только 133 389  выплатили налог на доход в 2013-2014, и  правительство Австралии получило   в результате этих выплат  45.3 миллиона долларов .

“Gender pay gap” или в различие в доходах женщин и мужчин   в Австралии составляет 17% в пользу мужского населения. Среди подростков этот показатель выше – 24%

Read the abridged article below and do the exercise.

The statistics were revealed by a freedom of information investigation that Australia's highest tax-paying teenager contributed more than $500,000 to government coffers in the 2013-2014 financial year.  Nine other teenagers all paid more than $100,000 in tax over the same period if time.  It also shows the 10 highest-earning teenagers contributed $2.6 million to public funds.

In general, the Government collected $45.3 million in tax from the teenagers in the 2013-2014 financial year.

The investigation also revealed that more than 1 million Australians under 18 had a tax file number, but only 113,389 lodged tax returns in 2013-2014. Even fewer, 15,302, earned enough money after deductions to pay tax.

According to the same documents, whilst the gender pay gap was 17 per cent across all ages in the 2013-2014 financial year, the returns to the Australian Tax Office showed the gender pay gap was even more pronounced in teenagers aged under 18- girls earned 24 per cent less than boys.

However, more than 200 taxpayers under 18 have already accrued a HELP debt for higher education fees. The fees have to be paid back once the debtor earns more than about $54,000 a year.

Exercise 1.  Find the equivalents in the text to the phrases below. Check with the Answer Key.


  1. more prominent
  2. a person who is in debt
  3. accumulate
  4. submit, hand in
  5. treasury
  6. state funds
  7. difference

  1. 1-more pronounced; 2-debtor; 3-accrue;4- lodge; 5- coffer; 6-public funds; 7-gap

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