Name: Samuel Nationality: American Location: Ecuador Experience: 3 years Courses: Conversation, Business, Exam preparation Qualifications: TEFL-certified
My name is Samuel Foreman. I grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico where I lived until I was twenty. Before I graduated from high school I wrote my first draft of a science fiction novel and I have written casually since then. I served in Chihuahua Mexico where I learned to speak fluent Spanish, which I continued to study when I went to New Mexico State University in the USA. While there I also majored in linguistics and tutored students in learning Spanish. After graduating I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador with my parents to help them get adjusted and decided to stay as well. In Cuenca I have had jobs translating and teaching casual English and English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I enjoy writing and have several drafts of science fiction novels in various degrees of development, in addition to a few short stories published as e-books. I have experience learning Spanish and tutoring students in both English and Spanish. I have personal experience with the struggles of learning a second language, and am familiar with English style, grammar, and syntax, from both my writing and tutoring experiences. I have always preferred working with individuals rather than with groups in a teaching setting, as this helps me to understand and adapt to the needs of the student. I make effort to keep students at the edge of their capability, challenging their skills without pushing them too hard, for I believe that the best learning occurs at this edge. What motivates me most is seeing a student progress and knowing that my efforts have helped them. In teaching I also seek to learn and improve my own abilities, and learn alongside my students. I want to progress from being a good ESL tutor to being a GREAT ESL tutor.