Name: Martha Nationality: American Location: the USA Experience: 12 years Courses: Conversation, Business, Exam preparation Qualifications: TEFL-certified
I am a native American English speaker from Boston, Massachusetts, but I have no regional accent. I speak American English natively and clearly. I have more than fifteen years of teaching experience. Most of my experience has been teaching English as a second language. I am also fluent in Spanish. I teach English to students from many foreign countries, My students are all ages and abilities. I concentrate on improving the confidence level of my students so they can communicate in English effectively and understand their English-speaking co-workers. I also work with strong English speakers who are concentrating on accent reduction. This is a critical finishing touch when my students are working professionals who are working in an English-speaking work environment. When tutoring adult professionals and when teaching business English, I modify my teaching materials to use industry-specific terms that students will encounter in their work place. In addition, we work diligently to perfect each student’s pronunciation and fluency in English, so they are easily understood when speaking with other native speakers. The method of repetition or echoing in teaching is particularly effective in accomplishing a natural sounding cadence of speech, allowing our students to concentrate on communicating their ideas in English or giving a successful presentation in English. I customize each student’s internet online English learning program to accomplish their goals, including assisting with business English, project plans, résumés, accent reduction, job interview practice, or other presentations in English. I strongly believe that a confident student is a successful student.