Name: Rick Nationality: British Location: Bulgaria Experience: 7 years Courses: Conversation, Business English, English Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking and Language Improvement Qualifications: TEFL-certified, and attended various TESOL courses
My name is Rick. I was born and grew up in London. Besides my native tongue I speak German, Danish, Bulgarian and Swahili. I have worked for over 35 years as an international volunteer worker on two continents. The fondest of which was in Kenya where I worked for some 11 years. There I worked with isolated local communities helping to improve their quality of life, teaching various skills, including reading and writing. My experience over the years has included providing personal support to refugees, with their new circumstances in their host country. Before moving to Bulgaria, I was teaching English as a second language to new arrivals to the job market in London. I am now enjoying my second year as an online English Teacher. Because of how my life’s experience has shaped me, many of my students, young and old, appreciate my kind and understanding manner of teaching, my sense of humour and the personal interest that I show in their progress. I also look forward to helping you enjoy learning English.