Name: Helen Nationality: British Location: England Experience: 15 years Courses: Conversational English, Business, Exams Qualifications: CELTA
Helen is a native English speaker living in England. She has been working with students of English for more than 15 years. She helps people to learn general English, English for academic purposes and business English, at intermediate and advanced levels. She has helped interpreters, translators, English teachers, doctors and university professors to attain professional goals through improving English skills. Helen encourages students to listen to natives speaking English in natural situations as soon as they can, and to practice communicating comfortably and easily with a native speaker as much as possible. Helen uses a variety of online materials relevant to the student’s needs, level and interests. She also encourages people to select their own learning materials, and allows this to be guided by the interests of her students. Her gentle, calm approach makes her a very supportive and friendly teacher for those new to study, out of practice with English, or nervous of speaking. Helen is an active student of Russian, German, French and Japanese. She is particularly interested in developing self-study methods, particularly in vocabulary acquisition through extensive reading.